I've got another Friday-friendly groove fire for you all.

If you dig Tom Misch's guitar vibes and Kaytranada's bassy beats, then Conor Albert's "Only You" is the perfect start of your evening. This jazz/funk-driven jam is one of my favourite discoveries this week.

The 19 year-old producer and multi-instrumentalist started making beats and playing guitar at the age of 8, peddling his homemade albums to friends in the school playground. Exploring dubstep and EDM in his early teens, and later inspired by artists like Misch, FKJ and Jordan Rakei, Conor moved into making jazz-inspired beat-driven music. Today's highlight is pretty good evidence he's going places.

Conor shares...

I started ‘Only You’ in September of 2018 after being inspired to make some dancier music. I'd been stuck in a rut of making slower hip-hop music, and thought I'd try switching things up a bit. It started from me just chopping up some of my piano playing and pitching it down, and ended up forming into one of my favourite tunes. I asked my friend The Naked Eye to sing the main line for me, and she killed it! I owe a lot to her for lending her voice to the song, it glues everything together. For me this track was a bit of a turning point in my production. I started to care less about how complicated something had to be and more about the groove and feeling of a track. I've tried to keep this same mentality ever since, and hopefully it's reflected in the tunes I release next.”

posted by Ivo
May 2019