Continuing today's blend of warm vocals and UK garage with something that drips of honey.

Meet Cowboy Malfoy and his only 3rd single which will absolutely melt you. The Sydney-based singer delivers a magnificent fusion of r&b, soul, and bits of hip hop, all wrapped up by light breakbeat rhythm & funky basslines. A must-hear for the fans of Toro y Moi & De Rien, with sprinkles of Disclosure.

"Want It Bad" is about miscommunication and hazy, undefined relations. Malfoy shares:

I was caught in a situationship with a girl who was in a long-distance relationship. She didn’t want to break things off, yet had expectations of me. We were really close friends, but that evolved, and despite both of us knowing it was hurting our relationship to each other, it’s not something you can just stop you know? I like to think of “Want it Bad” as a dysfunctional relationship, fuelled by miscommunication, and held together by sexual temptation.

Make sure to check his previous singles - the way he blends melancholy and dance is outstanding!

posted by Nasko
August 2022