So Brisbane's Cub Sport have been kicking around for a few years with a couple of notable EP's to their name. I'm not sure what's taken so long for them to come a knocking on UK shores but if "I'm On Fire" is anything to go by, man it was worth the wait.

A track that reminds me of The War On Drugs, albeit after a few sun-soaked Gold-Coast days, "I'm On Fire" trundles along with a chilled vibe but with a certain degree of purpose - I just love it.

Taken from the bands debut album This Is Our Vice which is released in the UK (aka anywhere where it's not sunny) in June, the track tells the true story of a jilted lover who set herself on fire after being dumped - apparently all turned out peachy in the end though so no drama!!

Love these guys!


posted by Staff
February 2016