Do you guys remember MGMT's 2007 classic "Time To Pretend"? Well, get ready to experience it in a completely new way.

The mysterious folk singer/songwriter is on a mission of “reinterpreting popular songs as a welcome escape from today’s busy world”.

After previously taking on Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game", the talented artist completely re-imagines one of band's most catchy release sending the original idea it into a folky / laid back sound universe. "Time To Pretend" is the title track of her upcoming EP and while there isn't much to share about this beautiful voice, I've got a story for you. The story of CYRENE.

To the Ancient Greeks, she was a huntress who slayed wild beasts with a bronze- tipped javelin and bewitched Apollo by battling a lion with her bare hands. For centuries, the city of Cyrene in Libya, built in her honour at the behest of Apollo, was a prosperous place of great cultural and political importance. Cyrene still exists and, over time, her myths have multiplied.

Cyrene’s boldness and beauty, her fearlessness and fame have inspired writers, poets, sculptors and painters for hundreds of years. The lost city is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where shrines, temples and amphitheatres dominate her remains. Only now, however, has Cyrene been celebrated in song.

Through Cyrene, familiar lyrics take on new meanings. The spellbinding sound has an otherworldly aura, a dreamlike quality fixed neither in time nor place. Rather than covers, these are re-interpretations that aim to blur boundaries and demolish differences, to enchant and surprise, to soothe and excite.

It’s pop, seen through the lens of Cyrene’s legend, in which secrets will slowly reveal themselves.

Hopefully, this premiere is just the start of story. Stay tuned for more!

posted by Ivo
March 2019