Parkway Drive will always remain the one band in the hardcore/metalcore scene I wouldn't lose affection for. I won't go into discussing whether their music is original or not, the Australians always come up with changing, powerful and angry enough smashing tunes to get me going. The only music that can push me through a jogging session longer than a few kilometers.

Now lets take a step back away from the breakdowns. Today's post will be focused on the amazing transformation of "Carrion" by another talented Australian - Doyle Perez or also known by his stage moniker D at Sea. He completely strips away the essence of the original and turns it into a beautiful/emotional confession. T

he cover has been floating the Internet for more than a year, but... meh, it is way too good not to be shared here. I wouldn't go into comparing the two songs, but since they are both really awesome in their own way, I've embedded the original below as well.

posted by Ivo
June 2013