After a number of fake (or not so fake) leaks, radio, teaser releases floating around the Internet, Daft Punk release full official version of "Get Lucky". The track was shared at exactly midnight EST time, but for us on the other side of the ocean the darkness is long forgotten. However, waking up that early was definitely worthy!

"Get Dirty" will be part of their highly buzzed upcoming album Random Access Memories which will be released on 21st of May. The french duo are accompanied by the disco legend Nile Rogers and the absolutely brilliant Pharrel. Daft Punk were already ground-breaking, but hands down they surely know how to create a hype. The teasers, short documentaries or the vine videos are just pieces of the puzzle which will answer the question how great exactly will Random Access Memories be. Until then - enjoy the official version of "Get Lucky"!

posted by Ivo
April 2013