Staying true to myself, I continue with the smooth tunes today.

DAISY WORLD, whom I'm sure you already know well enough (at least from her collab with Tyler, The Creator or Ta-ku) delivers a new, utterly captivating single "break it off". Aside from her honey vocals, the production is very absorbing & intricate (listen to that sound design!) - done by herself alongside Albert Jairo Gordon and Matt Emonson.

Daisy tells the story of navigating love life as you grow & evolve, "I wrote this one morning after my second and final date with a guy who wasn't looking for the same kind of relationship as me. In the past, I would have just gone along with it but as I've gotten older I've learned that to get what I REALLY want… I need to say “no! goodbye!” to the things I DON'T want… so I walked away even though he was a really good kisser…" 

The song is part of her upcoming debut album, set to release on Feb 2nd next year. She elaborates on it, "TOOTHPICK taught me how to believe in myself, in my vision & in all the sounds that I hear in my head. TOOTHPICK allowed me to explore myself and my musicality in a way I never had before. I see myself in this music... I FEEL myself in this music... and I have never been more proud of anything in my life. TOOTHPICK is a coming-of-age journey that I stumbled into. It's about finally having the courage and confidence to make big & spooky changes in my life, jumping off the cliff and trusting that I would land (semi) gracefully. I'm saying "hello baby!" to the future. TOOTHPICK is about removing alla that gunk stuck in between your teeth and showing the world your bright and beautiful smile."

We honestly can't wait to listen to the full thing. In the meantime, we can find comfort in the official music video of "break it off"

posted by Nasko
November 2023