It's quite a U-turn Daniela Andrade did lately. After I heard the sexy-AF "Wet Dreams", the way I perceive her music changed a lot.

"Tamale" here is the lead and title track of her new album. It will seduce your senses with gorgeous R&B beatwork, her silky vocals and some distorted backvocals for a slight twist.

No matter how sexy the track sounds though, it's about something pretty deep and meaningful for Daniela:

Tamales [Mexican dish] have been a transformative symbol for me. As a child, I observed my mother spend countless hours making them for special occasions. She would ask me to help out as a kid and I used to think of so many other things I wanted to do with my time. Now that I’ve grown up, however, I’ve come to understand that Tamales (and many other Latin dishes I saw my mom cook) are more than food; its a form of expressing. Through the process of this project, the words “woman” and “provider” have gone through big shifts in my mind. I had to reassess preconceived notions passed down through generations and try to redefine what those words mean to me now. I’m still on this journey but this project is helping me figure out what becoming my own woman means.

posted by Nasko
November 2019