A gorgeous example of what we love about the combination of soul & hip hop - warm samples, jazzy melodies, captivating drum grooves & effortless flows.

London-based, New York-native producer/musician DARGZ joined forces with UK rapper K.I.N.E.T.I.K. and pianist Charlie Stacey (Yussef Dayes Trio), for this delightful jazz rap gem, bringing his unique hip-hop sound to London's thriving jazz scene.

DARGZ shares, ”When you get one of London’s (and the UK’s) finest piano players Charlie Stacey on a track something special is bound to happen. Charlie heard the soul beat I was making and got straight to work. Pair that with the rhymes of K.I.N.E.T.I.K (a Londoner whose musical heart is in NYC) and you’ve got the backpack rap-inspired 'Love Will Take Me Higher’.”

This is another single (as well as "Lou's Tune") from his upcoming debut 13-song LP which is all about love - love for family, love for music, and love for both NYC & London.

"I wanted to combine the Hip-Hop sounds I grew up with in 90’s New York with the pulsing sounds of today’s London's thriving jazz scene. While so many 90s producers dug into the Jazz greats of the 70s, there are some fantastic players right here at my doorstep who I’ve been lucky enough to jam with on this album", he adds.

DARGZ has worked with some of London's most promising jazz musicians, such as Mercury Prize nominee Moses Boyd. DARGZ has also toured extensively, sharing the stage with renowned acts such as Vampire Weekend, Haim, and Interpol.

posted by Nasko
April 2023