It's been a full year since we've been keeping an eye on Aussie 3-piece daste and things sound better with every release. Today's feature, however, is special as we get to share with you the exclusive premiere of their new single "About Us".

The premiere is not the only good news we've got for you. Daste just signed with our friends from Mammal Sounds Management, so I am sure there's a lot of great news ahead of the guys.

Fans of Two Another, LEISURE and Tora are going to easily lose themselves in this one as we warm up to the smooth electro / lo-fi-funk sounds of the track - it also has a fairly insightful message within the lyrics as they deliver quite an inspirational message…

"About Us" empathises with those battling with uncertainty. No matter what situation you find yourself in, the mind can always be our worst enemy and this track tells it like it is. While you grow attached to certain things or people, your path can always change. That doesn’t mean to say that love is lost, however, sometimes situations and relationships won’t work out, and sometimes they will -for the better.

"About Us" really just touches on those times of struggle in our head when we’re not sure whether to stay orgo.

posted by Ivo
March 2020