Good morning, world! We've been keeping a close eye on daste. and besides our interview with the Aussie trio, we haven't missed a chance on featuring their music. Today, however, is different - we get to premiere their new single "here with me" featuring Gold Coast artist DVNA's lovely vocals.

Over the last few months they shared 2 incredible single, "either way" and "somebody like you", while also making a promise of their debut album, dusk / dawn scheduled for sometime in 2021. "here with me" is the perfect follow-up with its silky vibe and laid back melodies. As daste's Tyler Harden explains below, it is a song about hopefulness and keeping your loved ones close.

"Here With Me" was written on a rainy night during quarantine last year. I wrote the chords and some basic melodies from the verse and chorus, then brought what I had to the rest of the group. We went all in and essentially had the whole song ready to show DVNA in one session. Here With Me is about wanting to hold somebody close and forgetting about all of the other problems in life, because when you’re together you are the strongest.

posted by Ivo
March 2021