We've been following daste's sonic journey for a while now and we reached a key milestone. The Aussie trio just released their sophomore EP Same As It Ever Was, and I promise it will be a much-welcomed addition to your music library.

After featuring their first singles "What If?" and "About us", I'm stoked to share the other 2 tracks off the release and if you're a fan of Talking Heads or Parcels, then I know this will be up your alley.

The production behind this EP started directly after we had finished our first tour for the Palette EP back in June last year. We sat down tired but eager to start the next chapter of daste., althoughwhat happened was definitely unexpected for us.

The first track we wrote was "Telephone (What’s Your Name?)", which felt very moody compared to our previous releasesbut also quite fresh and familiar at the same time. This ended upshaping the mood of the EP, taking the sound into adarker and more maturespace.

The song is written from the perspective of someone who feels a certain way about a person but can’t express it and let them know. You’re head over heels for this person, but they may not even know your name. Now you’re making up scenarios in your head about the two of you together. It’s a bit of a creepy take to be honest which comes across nicely in the instrumentation of the track.

posted by Ivo
April 2020