December Trails is a new artist to my ears; I was scrolling through my SoundCloud stream and came across a name I hadn't seen before so decided to check it out. The first track I heard was "The Metal Ridge Across The Sea", the second track from the somewhat enigmatic producer's new EP, Longbow. Released on ambient tastemaker label Insight Music, the EP is a stunning composition from start to finish; this track in particular is an intensely moving piece.

I normally dislike clichés, but this track really does do a lot with a little. It grows and opens up as it progresses, incrementally expanding just as the sea might deepen while the shoreline recedes. A soft pluck is layered with the sound of waves crashing around the listener's ear; far off into the void a siren-like voice sings, echoing out while pads billow underneath.

The bassline feels alive, swelling and shifting, almost sentient in it's nature. Benevolent but powerful in it's slow march forward, it pulls the track along into ever deeper water as the soundscape threatens to swallow the listener whole.

This is just one track out of four on the Longbow EP, but the whole EP is absolutely worth a listen. See for yourself here:

December Trails · Longbow
posted by Rob
February 2021