For their newest creation "Rufisque", the UK-based duo Delac has adorned lush organic elements over their UK garage and electro-influenced sound.

James McAdam and Stephen Dooley make up the duo Delac, and they move back and forth between production and songwriting duties. One of the memorable embellishments on "Rufisque" is the reverb-coated vocal sample from Senegal. This ethnic feel is further fleshed out by an oud-like instrument to make up the lead melody - on top of that, it's a super catchy riff so good luck getting that out of your head. Fans of Four Tet and even Gold Panda are sure to enjoy this!

"For us, the tune represents the escapism that is so sought after on the dance floor, where we want our new tracks to be heard. Rufisque is an ode to that culture," says Delac.

posted by Lu
May 2023