If there is one thing I would be forever grateful for to Iva is the introduction to bands like DIIV, Beach Fossils. I am usually kinda slow on catching up with hipster-ish bands, but once I got the whole vibe figured out, I started discovering myself. I don't give a damn about how the bands look or whether they are artsy-pretentious, as long as their music is as awesome as the track below - it goes in my "this gotta be on the fox" playlist.

Actually, I've been listening to DIIV's Oshin almost every single day at work - the whole dreamy/surfy atmosphere fits perfectly. A good getaway from the busy office environment. So, for the sake of having this track on the playlist here, I thought - fuck it, let's share. I'm sure you gonna enjoy it as well!

posted by Ivo
October 2013