As a follow-up to DJ Seinfeld's "U Already Know" featured by Anna last month, we continue exploring the journey towards his upcoming Ninja Tune album Mirrors which is set for release on September 3rd.

"These Things Will Come To Be" is as emotional as it gets, and while it's euphoric and dance floor ready, it is still offering listeners an intimate and personal experience. That's because of the voicemail recording that breaks the track and leaves the listener a peek into the relationship between 2 people which seems broken a long time ago. Speaking of the track, Seinfeld (real name Armand Jakobsson) shares, "To me this track feels like it could’ve been included in my first album. Partly because I still am drawn to aspects of that sound, and partly because I still feel inspired by the optimism that came out of difficult times. "These Things Will Come To Be" refers to that optimism, and I hope it’s something that you’ll all enjoy.

If you dig energetic dance music, lo-fi house elements and upbeat tempo beats, you'll end up playing this on repeat.

posted by Ivo
July 2021