I feel like an utter fool for having skipped through this album. "Walking With Ur Smile" is taken from DJ Seinfeld's last album Mirrors which I didn't like at first since it was too "happy" and "colorful" compared to his previous works. But lately, I experienced a change of heart.

This happened when I was curating our Future Bass Waves playlist and stumbled across "Walking With Ur Smile" - from the moment I heard it I knew I couldn't neglect it. Initially it was the bounce of the drums that had me going along with the stunning chord progression. Yes, DJ Seinfeld has stepped up immensely throughout the album and he seamlessly flaunts his musical brilliance. The part that's bound to hook you is the utterly soulful sample that's pitched to match the mood of the instrumental - and that sample is Anita Baker's "Sweet Love", a mesmeric soul classic!

posted by Lu
March 2022