Get ready for a funky disco sound curveball.

Released via our mates at Kommerz Records, DJ Swagger's "Off the Dime" is the kind of track that will leave you wanting more. The song is a great reason to be excited about his upcoming LP Chemistry Forever, and highlights his exploration of electronic music with a UK influence, while also dabbling with contemporary elements such as neo-soul, r&b, indie, and dream pop.

The producer, graphic designer, multi-instrumentalist, and illustrator (we can keep listing things here, but you get my point) is expected in a few months. In addition to his vocal performances, DJ Swagger will bring in guest talents such as rappers TripSixVivo (London), Vitus04 (Bielefeld), Kaba (Paris), and poet Dainell Aiken (NYC) for captivating performances.

Remember that curveball comment from above? Just ride on with the tune and you'll find out why.

posted by Ivo
February 2024