This one's been heavily on repeat in the last couple of days.

If you need something uplifting, "In My Room" from France-born, Miami-based producer Dombresky is exactly what you need. Borrowing the best from the two outstanding electronic worlds - the French & the UK ones, the song blends UK garage vibes with french house/disco, all glued with honey r&b-esque vocals from SHELLS (whom you've heard on Bondax's "Fade").

Dombresky shares, “I produced a section and then sent it off to SHELLS, and she immediately had an idea. What she came back with was totally in line with this sort of R&B style that I was going for. We both wanted to weave that kind of soulful sexiness into a traditional house record. She nailed it. I purposefully sought out to do something different with this record. I’m a massive R&B fan, and I wanted to create something that was authentic to my musical tastes. I wanted to create something soulful and sexy, while keeping it something that you can play in the club. ‘In My Room’ is a blend of those two worlds.”

A release by Insomniac Records.

posted by Nasko
March 2023