Somewhere between r&b and hip hop a wild Donovan Bogney appears.

Fusing the lines between genres, the Dallas-based rapper & singer delivers the utterly smooth "v23 (ohmygod)". Reminiscent of the likes of Rejjie Snow & Duckwrth, the creamy tune will seduce you with warm synthpads, gentle slick guitars, and a mellow drum groove, all on top of both effortless vocals & flow. If you, like me, were wondering about the title meaning, Don shares about his '23rd version':

"v23 (ohmygod)" is for those moments of self-celebration. An ode to growth and accomplishments, this smooth groove can be anybody's mirror talk anthem. An optimistic look at aging, v23 encapsulates how it feels to be 23 and on top of your game.

It's so nice to see someone appreciating life in such way. There's also a pretty summery and dreamy video going alongside this feel-good bop - check it out, definitely contributes to the experience.

posted by Nasko
September 2022