So SG Lewis is back at it again, this time with R&B artist Dornik to release yet another inspiring piece of electronic heaven. His latest offering, "All Night" explores new areas of the genre without sacrificing any of his trademark soul.

The track differs from that of past exports, with a heavier baseline and a more accessible sound. While all the elements are there for a unique and experimental electronic/R&B mashup, with "All Night" the end result has a much broader sound.

For those who know SG Lewis and his signature sound, "All Night" turns that on its head and breaks his usual mold. With this comes a whole new branch of electronic music, opening doors for new fans and new tastes to be explored. It's smooth and soulful, the definition of SG Lewis, but with an R&B twist to further extend the areas of the music industry he's conquering right now.

posted by Staff
April 2016