Always nice to see previous featured artist doing something together!

Kicking off this beautiful morning with a gentle, somehow futuristic r&b take on DRAMA's "Hopes Up", works of US producer Kauf. I actually am surprised we missed featuring the original when it came out back in 2016. Seriously good vibes song. This variant takes its synth-y, spacious sound and while it keeps the seductive feel, it definitely adds a lot more evening / clubby flare. I bet the Chicago-based duo are proud of this new "vision" of their work.

 I would say this is the perfect pre-weekend mood setter. It has pretty much everything and I really admire Kauf's ways of approaching the re-work of already absolutely staggering song. This

In case you are curious how the original "Hopes Up" sounds, listen below. Cheers!

posted by Ivo
February 2018