The gentle, slow progression on "Alyeska" paired with the lush atmospheric pads is quite reminiscent of the early work of the iconic Teen Daze.

U.S.-based producer Duralumin is known for his synth-wave aesthetic. "Alyeska" is a bit departure from his usual sound as he has somewhat drifted into chillwave territory with his lush gem. Even though we're gradually put into a state of ease by glittery keys and thick pads, Duralumin acquaints us with a climax that's explosive and beefy thanks to the punchy drums. The whole experience serves as a wonderful prelude to what's to come.

"Alyeska, the opening track off my new album 'Far Out 1', has an ambient yet highly anticipatory feel that opens up into a pulsating array of synth glory, like floating down a mountain at sunrise", shared Duralumin.

posted by Lu
May 2023