2023 was a strong year for London-based producer Duskus. Just a month ago he graced us with Healers Vol. 1 - a generous collection that features six tracks, showcasing his signature atmospheric house and indie dance sound.

I felt like the 24th of December was perfect for my favorite track "Moss" as it embodied warm and recharging energy, perfect for a warm-up before those family dinners and the time to catch up with family. Yes, it does not scream Christmas, but it's so hopeful and elevating.

"When making "Moss", I wanted to make a darker-sounding song that wasn’t too loud. I played a lot with the depth of the kicks and like adding all kinds of sounds that make a song feel very rich. When on my trips I took pictures of different shades of greens found in the different places I visited. “Moss” is an ode to the understated beauty of darker, deeper hues of green in nature. I don’t think Moss always grabs your attention immediately, but its beauty has to be spotted.", he elaborates on SoundCloud.

posted by Ivo
December 2023