My ears have exploded with all good things this morning as soon as I opened my Soundcloud. We have posted heaps about both Dustin Tebbutt and Oliver Tank, so it comes as no surprise that when Oliver Tank decided to remix Dustin's debut track it ended up immediately on Stereofox.

"The Breach" is incredible on its own, but with Tank's delicate retouch it gets even better. This remix still has Dustin's gorgeous voice and the same "spine tingling" folk beauty to it (as Marisa referred to it back when she just discovered "The Breach") , but Oliver made it more of an ethereal, soft electronic tune. I can hear all the little elements of Tank's works that I love so much: gentle beats, unusual soundscapes and drifting feeling it gives you. Combined with one of the finest pieces of  folk music, this remix is definitely making to my top 5.

posted by Anna
May 2014