Mornings are not my favorite time of the day unless they start around 10 am. Self-employment is my goal but I still have a long way to go therefore I need a smooth transition from the cozy, warm bed to the street on my way to work. And what's better to start your day with than a hot cup of coffee, glass of orange juice and bowl of musli?

I'll tell you what - songs like "Ambrosia" definitely makes it easier for me in the morning. A tranquil melody and chill beats seem to slow down time, keeping a steady pace that I follow so I don't have to rush like a mad man around the apartment.

The track is part of the Lawndale album, released in the last day of July, 2014 and the artist is Edamame, who very generously has made his albums available for free download! As usual, I ask you kindly to show your appreciation if you decide to press that "download" button. Thanks.

posted by Alex
August 2014