I had the chance to bump into edapollo in person during my travels in Bali earlier this year. Back then, Ed mention he's working on new music, so it's so nice to see that "new music" emerging gracefully on the digital formats.

Edapollo's new EP titled Daylight got released a few days ago and it sounds absolutely gorgeous. My pick for you guys is EP's opening track called "Adam's Peak". If Bonobo and Tycho were to make music while chilling somewhere high in the mountains, that's how I imagine it would sound. The back story of the track is pretty awesome as well...

The track is named after the well known mountain Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka, which I visited and climbed earlier this year. When climbing it I recorded a lot of field recordings along the way, which ended up making their way in to this track, therefore it seemed fitting to name the track after it. The artwork for the EP is also formed from a photo I took in this region of Sri Lanka. I guess you could say I was pretty creatively influenced by my trip to this country.

Super organic, perfectly progressing and most importantly - engaging af. Play this, bump up the volume and get lost in those sounds.

posted by Ivo
July 2018