edapollo is a very new name to me, but as we all know, there is no chance of something bad coming from Australia, so I was fairly confident and did not get disappointed. I am getting very strong Bonobo vibes from this track, so grab a pair of headphones and dive right in, you will get lost in this track.

I guess one thing we should thank lockdowns for is how the artists are drawing all sorts of inspirations from being confined inside their homes/studios, edapollo serving as a great example.

“Normally I find my musical inspiration and stimulation from being out in nature or connecting with friends. “Air” was written from the opposite perspective, after spending a lot of time indoors and isolated from the outside world. This year has made me appreciate the freedom I normally have and I hope this music can provide some comfort and hope to those feeling a little bit lost this year.”

posted by Anna
September 2020