I've said this before - edapollo's music is a true gem and bright light in days where things feel a bit gloomy. I might have mentioned in previous features, Ed and I were in Bali at the same time, so we met up for a beer and it felt so good to meet an online music friend in real life. It even affects the way I experience his music, knowing who is behind those sounds.

As the British producer is gearing up for his upcoming debut full length album Endless Cascades (Aug 16th), we got the honour to premiere of the singles on the record. I am happy to share with you the gentleness of "Friends in Far Away Places". Slow-motion electronica, strings and distant drums. I had a chat with Ed and he shared with me...

"Friends in Far Away Places" was one of the first tracks I wrote on the album back when I was living in Bristol last year, before I relocated to Melbourne. I remember picking up my guitar late one evening and I started playing the main riff and then the rest of the track just flowed out around it quite naturally. I then asked my lovely friend Cags to come over for a cup of tea and to play some violins on it, which really added to the emotive feeling of the track.

posted by Ivo
July 2019