The day I awaited so long is here! Edapollo's new album Endless Cascades is out in the world.

After featuring 4 of the singles in the past few months, I am excited to continue our journey with another stellar track off the release - the captivating downtempo / electronica titled "Relearn Me" featuring one of my favourite Australian vocalists - Akacia.

The track takes a minimalistic approach in its composition, as it effortlessly flows through passages of chilled and ambient instrumentation acting as the perfect backdrop to allow Akacia's delicate yet enchanting vocal to float majestically above the mix, transporting the listener into a world of tranquility as a result. Ed shares...

"I wrote the instrumental to this track late last year shortly after moving to Melbourne. I’d just been away for a weekend hiking and collected a lot of sounds on my field recorder. When I got back to my studio, I started using some of the natural sounds I’d collected to form the beats in the track.

I then connected with Akacia on Soundcloud, who I’d been a fan of for a while. She nailed the vocal delivery first time and really captured the essence of the instrumental in her melodies and lyrics, with references to nature and the lyrical concept of changing as a person, which I could really relate to having just moved to a new city for a fresh start."

ps our interview with Ed goes live this Friday, so stay tuned

posted by Ivo
August 2019