Spacious electronica filled with hundreds of tiny, perfectly synced sounds. edapollo's new single "Wildflower" is a piece of art. The first taste of his upcoming album Blue Spring (out 23rd September via Opine) will take you on a wonderful journey through distant lands guided by beautifully chopped vocals and lush synths and I'm beyond excited to be the one premiering it today!

The track showcases the producer's ability to create delicate tapestries of sound, balancing between
electronic and organic worlds, utilizing analog synthesizers, guitars & field recordings to create a stunning
piece of melodic downtempo house.

I always love telling people the story of how I met Ed in a bar in Bali, and I feel it is, to this day, the coolest story related to Stereofox I've got. Speaking of "Wildflower", he shares

“The last few years have been strange for everyone and it was no different for me. Just before the pandemic hit, I suddenly lost one of my best friends, and shortly after, two of my grandparents. Life then took another turn with many months spent in lockdown and all the uncertainty that came with it. During this time the one place I found comfort and solace was in the studio, deep in thought and creativity, just making music. For me, ‘Wildflower’ symbolises coming through that period, holding onto memories of good times and emerging --blossoming- into a new era.”

Stream on all major platforms here.

posted by Ivo
June 2021