Melbourne-based producer and performer, edapollo, sets the stage for his highly anticipated third album, Technicolour Places released under the esteemed electronic label Foreign Family Collective. A 10-track sonic odyssey that takes you on a mesmerizing journey through diverse genres and captivating soundscapes. Leading the charge is the infectious single "You're Everything" - a vibrant and groovy track that will sweep you off your feet. With crackling beats and a filtered vocal, the song bursts with energy and confidently declares "You're everything to me." It combines the best elements of lo-fi house, creating a unique blend that will resonate with fans of Bicep, Four Tet, Peggy Gou, Bonobo, and more. It's a feel-good anthem that leaves you craving for more as you delve into the entire album.

Describing the inspiration behind the track, edapollo shared, "'You're Everything' is one of my personal favorites from the new record. After touring the US, I wanted to create something uptempo, groovy, and euphoric that would work perfectly in our live set. It just flowed naturally one day in the studio, and I got goosebumps while writing it, which is always a good sign!"

The album is now available on Foreign Family Collective, and it's a collection of songs that will ignite your imagination and ignite your soul. Let the electrifying rhythms and melodic landscapes of "You're Everything" and the rest of the tracks in Technicolour Places uplift your spirits and make you feel alive.

posted by Boris
July 2023