I heard about Ekcle from the future garage article that Rob wrote a few months back. I did my homework and been researching the names he mentioned and the UK duo truly stood out from the crowd.

"Clandestine" is taken from Harvey and Jack's 2019 5-track release Yoja. The switch at 1:26 and the build-up prior that is one of the most sophisticated, and creatives sounds I've heard in a while. This lives up to the description in their bio which reads "blatant disregard for standardized time signatures, fused with a penchant for coalescing a diverse mixture of styles".

The track is absolutely tri-fold with the third and most empowering segment kicking off at 3:22. That part could easily be a snippet of 65daysofstatic's latest more electronic-driven work. An electronic fist of awesomeness. Not re-playing this to eternity is going to be a challenge.

I guess you do kinda blend in

posted by Ivo
March 2021