You just vibe with a song or you don’t. It stirs your soul; it’s unmistakable energy, an attraction that moves your whole being, yet keeps you grounded in an oxymoron limbo of space, silence, and awareness. You can’t fucking fake this type of fire or at least not for long. It’s either there or it isn’t - just the same way you either genuinely connect with another person, or you don’t. 

Let me tell you, Brighton-born producer El. Train and vocalist Kaisha, originally from Malaysia, have created pure electricity in “Through the Night.” The track is a bedroom dance party and an intimate confession powered by house beats and strong, sexy vocals. 

And best of all, this talented dynamic duo is just getting started. “Through the Night” is the first of a few music collaborations between El. Train and Kaisha. They aren’t fucking faking it. Look out! :fire:

posted by Hristina
September 2020