Elinor Olovosdotter - Elliphant has a wild and catchy music style you should definitely check out. If I had to compare her to someone better known to the public (for now) that would be M.I.A. Otherwise I would avoid categorizing her style in a genre and would rather go for the following. I have heard rumors about the way she composes her songs.

She stands in front of a blender with the following ingredients- two oranges so you can suck fresh air through your teeth, a teaspoon of stargazing on the top of the neighbor's roof, a tiny bit of frowny morning face for that time you ran out of coffee and of course magical beats composed during that summer when you traveled alone and met many great people. It has to be this way, right?

The video "Down to life" has successfully soaked that energy of the song and offers a wide range of wacky images. It is as fresh as a hot girl in leopard tights lying on an ice block.
posted by Alex
May 2013