Prepare yourself for a stream of tiny sound spiders which will crawl every inch of your body, because this Emancipator live version of "Rattlesnakes" (from their live in Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA) is one of the most detailed tracks I've heard in a long, long time.

That being said, I'm absolutely proud to be premiering this amazing "snippet" from Doug Appling's upcoming Live in Athens release (out officially on June 4th). So, yeah - you guys are among the first ones worldwide to be enjoying this. I've been abusing the repeat button for the past few days.

The thing I really, really appreciate about downtempo/trip hop music - when it's made with live instrumentals. There's nothing compared to that recognizable snare drum sound. I hope by the time you reach reading this, Emancipator Ensemble are already on top of your must-see-live-in-2015 lists!

One more thing - Live in Athens will be released as a  pay what you want offering.

posted by Ivo
June 2015