From the first few moments of Eric Jaye's "Blow My Soul", we're hit with a flash from the past as soon as his soothing voice ushers us into the chorus.

Eric Jaye is a multifaceted artist who grew up listening to traditional gospel, jazz, soul, pop, country, and rock, plus the influence of The Neptunes' interpretations of jazz, funk, and hip hop run through him. In his latest track, "Blow My Soul," he proudly embraces his Virginian roots, channeling the spirit of Timberland. Playing the triple role of producer, instrumentalist, and vocalist, he offers his playful rendition of Justin Timberlake's "Senorita." The vocals are like silk and the percussive textures adorn the rhythm section with color - enough to make you feel like dancing along.

posted by Lu
December 2023