Besides being a true mastermind when it comes to creating jazz-inspired groovy hip hop beats, there's a lot more to Esdaile State than meets the eye.

"Springtime Rush" is Stuart's second release as Esdaile State, but the Glasgow-based singer/songwriter has quite an extensive bio in the music industry. He has work with artists on labels like Spinnin' Records, Monstercat, and Soave, and with an impressive 85 million streams under his belt, his work has gained support from industry giants like BBC Radio 1, and Kiss FM.

His new moniker, Esdaile State, is Stuart's way to channel his love for jazz through the prism of funk and trip hop. With a nostalgic, grainy vocal reminiscent of "Breathe" by Telepopmusik, this track seamlessly blends rhythmic percussion with shimmering guitars and birdsong. It transports listeners through a garden of ascending flutes and sunny melodies, making it the perfect soundtrack for a warm summer day. That matches perfectly the temperature in my hometown where today we have the whooping 34 degrees Celsius.

An instant addition to our Groovy Beats selection (all streaming platforms).

posted by Ivo
last month