It's time for the 4th and last single of the EVDN. journey towards his debut LP TENSION/RELEASE is here! That being said, the best is actually ahead of you as the jazz player / electronic behemoth has prepared for you a collection of 10 mind-blowing tracks scheduled to go live on November 15th (ps pre-save here).

"DON'T LOOK BACK" is on the darkest side of the jazz / electronica blend we've shared with you so far and it is the perfect fit for that sublime movie moment where everything comes together. If you truly shut down the rest of the world and let yourself to the music, I bet you'll feel the chills.

The "DON'T LOOK BACK" of EVDN. is not a lonesome one. He's accompanied by another talented Bulgarian singer and multi-instrumentalist VOLEN whose creativity spans beyond the margins of our universe. Someone that deserves a special place in our Fox feed going forward.

I want to share a quote from Evden from one of our album brainstorming sessions. Something that left a mark in me.

"I would say that the things that are and have been inspiring me the most are the ways of creating the ultimate deep and soulful experiences for the listener, extreme transcending into a different dimension, making them believe everything is possible. How can a simple musical idea change someone's life, change their perspective and take them to the next level. I love hearing somebody elevate a musical style by combining simple themes to create tension, which is resolved in the end in a unique and original way."

posted by Ivo
September 2022