A glorious day for anyone who doesn't abide by genre and emotion boundaries.

After releasing his forward-thinking debut album TENSION/RELEASE with us in 2022, the jazz musician, bassist, electronic music fan, producer, teacher, and all-around amazing human EVDN. (AKA Evden Dimitrov) is ready for the next challenge. Tracks from his catalog were featured on Spotify's Fresh Finds: Jazz, Apple Music's BEATstrumentals, KCRW, and BBC Radio 1, which goes to say there is no need for people to be afraid and experiment.

Today we mark the first step of a journey with a clear destination, but an unknown path. Evden will be releasing his sophomore album at the end of 2024 and the goal is to release a single a month, but since lots of the things are in the works, we're yet to experience his creative mind which is shaped daily by new influences and inspirations.

Now, on the real spotlight of the day - "MONROE". After watching the newest biopic on Marilyn Monroe (Blonde, 2022), Evden found himself deeply inspired by her life story. As he started to learn and explore the complexities around her life story, his perception of her underwent a profound transformation. Drawing from the energy emanating from her narrative, Evden infused his own prism of thoughts and emotions about the film into this track.

The song featured talented Bulgaria-born, London-based singer Lili who you've heard collaborating with TromBobby on "THE ROAD TO CHOREFTO" back in December.

The two together are a force to be reckoned with!

Listen to "MONROE" on all streaming platforms here.

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