Darker Than Wax is a name we plan to share with you a lot in the near future. The Singapore-based label and some of their artists (Melo-Zed, Ka-Yu, Moods to name a few) have already won a spot on the fox, but this not even near enough because when it comes to good music, these guys are doing the right thing.

The FUNK BAST*RD / KAYE fronted label could easily be set as an example when it comes to doing everything one can in the name of good music and honest values. Just reading their website should tell you enough about what these guys are all about. Since there's not a better way to paraphrase this, I'll just share a fragment of what they have written:

Darker Than Wax are an electronic music label based from the island of Singapore, breaking all bounds and grounds progressing the music scene in their city and influencing globally. They have been tirelessly pushing for diversity in music, proving that categories in music are totally irrelevant and through a growing stable of international artists and selectors, they continue to grow from strength to strength.

More importantly, it is essentially a statement on the pervasiveness of black music and the influence it has had on countless genres and sub genres. A statement that it’s all about bringing it into the future. A statement that music should have depth, and that your racial/genetic/ cultural make-up is irrelevant – only your soul is. We Move. 

With feeling a complete support and love for what they do and having our Noemie moving to Singapore and , it comes off as a no surprise that our Berlin crew are utterly excited for their showcase this week in our favourite club Gretchen. Groovy beats, funk, boogie, Brazilian vibes, house and hip hop - if you value any of those, we gonna see you on the dance floor this Friday.

Besides Funk Bast*rd, the label will be presented by the sounds of 2 other of their artists - Poldoore (BE) and Kayloo (FR)!

Wanna win free tickets to the show? Easy. As usual - follow the instructions below.

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posted by Ivo
March 2016