We've stumbled upon Masego's sound back in 2015 and haven't stopped grooving ever since. The flawless combo of beats, soul, funk, trap and his undoubtedly skillful brass skills make him one of the most unique artists out there. Plus, if you add the fact that the dude has always the biggest smile on his face and this makes a combo you just have to see live.

Speaking of which, the reason for this post is Masego's upcoming gig at club Gretchen this weekend! I still remember when he dropped that Kiiara remix. Man, pure gold!

Masego won't be the only bright star on the stage. Emmavie's poweful voice will be taking over just before him, so here's your +1 reason to not skip the event.

In addition, we are giving away 2x2 free tickets thx to our friends from club Gretchen. Just follow the instructions below to enter the contest. Winners will be announced this Friday (27th).

posted by Ivo
October 2017