Club Gretchen are back with some killer line-up!

mura msasa live berlin1

I guess if you have been with us for the past year, year and a half you know Mura Masa was one of the first upcoming bedroom producers/singers I started featuring. I guess in a way his music was sort of a pioneer of a wave which seriously shaped what Stereofox is today.

I've written about Alex a lot, but to put things shortly - the guy will send a soundwave of super polar emotions towards your way. Undeniable talent and I guess it's needless to say I'm rly looking forward to seeing him live this Friday at Gretchen.

Not sure what to expect on Friday as his stuffy vary significantly, but one thing's for sure - the vibe is gonna be pretty good!

Besides Mura Masa, on stage you'll be able to catch the 18 years old producer Hasta (Norway) and Golden Rules!

Like always, we're partnering with the club and to give away a few free tickets! Send an email to [email protected] with subject line Mura Masa and send us your name. Also, remember to follow us and our friends from Club Gretchen across social media for more updates (Facebook || Twitter). Cheers!

ps. winners will be announced Thu afternoon

edit1: congrats to the winners and thx for everyone who participated!

posted by Ivo
October 2015