Ah, isn't Friday sweet?

Especially this one, as I'm so excited to premiere this gorgeous joint project of Solqlap Budapest (a collective of musicians & producers, where also Àbáse takes part) and Emmavie. Needless to say, the result is magnificent.

Been a fan of all those artists for quite some time and I'm delighted they've come together - the chemistry is just right! "Sweet" is a majestic fusion of neo-soul, jazz, r&b with energetic drums, playful synths, captivating flutes and gorgeous vocals.

Solqlap is and always will be family. Its home. This was the first serious project we started back in 2010 and we all grew with it. Through the years it became a household name in Budapest, pawed the way for our scene and I'm proud to say that it now includes some of the most forward-thinking musicians of the city. We came a long way and I couldn’t have imagined a better way to present our first official EP than in partnership with the incredible talent and light that is Emmavie. We regard her not just as one of the most talented and refreshing artists of our generation but as a close friend. We’re humbled and beyond happy to have her in our family.

Àbáse - keys, Solqlap Budapest

Emmavie also elaborates:

Early 2016, I was blessed to have Szabi (Àbáse) reach out to me to collaborate and perform with Solqlap Budapest. I jumped at the opportunity and, as soon as we met, it felt like a match made in heaven. Watching the team play together, I was absolutely blown away by their musicianship and their ability to improvise mind-blowingly beautiful songs over and over again. Their energy and comradery is unbelievable. They have a wonderful way of bringing you into their world and also bringing the best out of you. So, when it came to joining them in the studio to produce these songs, I was lit on fire. I watched these guys set up, seemingly say few words, maybe take a few shots of expresso and, like magic, the songs seemed to write themselves. This EP was born out of love and magic.

The track is out on all platforms this Sunday - make sure to pre-save it here.

posted by Nasko
October 2020