I saw a movie. The movie is called Me, Earl And The Dying Girl.

Actually, I saw it a few days ago, but somehow couldn't reflect much on it until this evening and then I started thinking of that final scene and the song which was on. It felt so familar, but just couldn't wrap my head around where I've heard it before. Some sort of comfortable sadness, but also bizarrely hopeful. Not many bands could actually achieve that, so long story short, re-watching these scenes brought me to a very dear band to me - Explosions In The Sky.

Then I realized where I've heard this track... all the way from their How Strange, Innocence (2000) record.

By this point of the post, you probably have figured out that I'll strongly recommend you watching that movie. If you're into this kind of movies, you'll probably find some truth in those scenes, sounds and images. Or just a temporary reminder of things in life which we all forget until the next similar movie?

It's funny, how few days later, this made me just somehow mellow out of nowhere. I could probably go on about some philosophical topic or weird self-reflection vague thoughts you probably don't care about or won't understand because... well, probably even I won't be sure what I mean.

So, I leave you to that amazing track and whatever (if any) thoughts come to you. The end of the track makes me smile.

posted by Ivo
February 2016