Honestly, I've been rewriting the opening sentence for a good 10 minutes already and I'm fairly sick of paraphrasing what I want to say. So there we go - whether you are devoted post-rock fan or just... you like good music, the name Explosions In The Sky should ring a bell in your head. Or at least I strongly hope so. Despite the fact they are not what I would call "the first wave" of post-rock music, these guys are one of the key players (in my opinion) to shaping the genre in what it is today.

Moreover, I do believe that their sounds has helped a lot when it comes to introducing the instrumental genre to people who previously had no idea about the existence of such music. I can't recall correctly, but I think "Your Hand In Mine" was one of the reasons I actually started checking out instrumental music. TL;DR - I find their music brilliant, these guys are notorious, awesome live and today's the 10th year anniversary of the release of The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place.

posted by Ivo
November 2013