It's been a while since I had a hard time describing a song. Fanclub's "Dreamers" is the kind of indie/dream pop sound that I always hopelessly seek and rarely find... which makes the whole experience very adventurous.

Based out of Austin (TX), the trio make music which resembles a blend between DIIV and Day Wave... all that mixed up with some 80s nostalgia. Mike, Leslie and Daniel's music will captivate you in the span of just a few minutes - the whole track feels so engaging and somehow playfully upbeat. "Dreamers" is part of their debut EP All The Same. When speaking of how this all came to life, Mike share...

Leslie and I started working on a song and before we knew it, we had a ton of material in a short matter of time. Leslie’s band had just broken up and mine was on an indefinite hiatus. Fresh off a heartache and a death in the family, Fanclub was the perfect place for both of us to find creatives ways to move forward.

This EP represents a new beginning where we could do old things in a new way. With Daniel supporting us in every sense of the word, we were very careful to sculpt a sound we loved and we hope others will love it too.

Their debut EP titled All The Same is released via Berlin based label Friendly Reminder.

posted by Ivo
January 2019