As a frequent listener of BlapChat (a podcast hosted by producer !llmind), the names I saw on this didn't feel like strangers at all since they're mentioned frequently...

Nervous is the latest track by vocalist and musician Fatherdude and if you thought the marvelous news ends there, the track was co-produced by Grammy-Winning artists Brass Tracks (made the instrumental for No Problems by Chance the Rapper). 'Nervous' sounds like a charming union between wavy synthesizers and live instrumentation with the potential to lure you the dance floor. At first, I figured this was a romantic love song by virtue of the sexy funk grooves and the chorus. The love isn't directed at a person, it's actually towards the city of New York and if you keep your ears close to the lyrics, you'll certainly pick it up. Nervous reminded me of Kevin Parker's latest works and if that's your vibe, pleasure is all you'll be experiencing.

posted by Lu
August 2019