Brainchild of the mutual efforts between Taylor Kirk (Timber Timbre) and Leslie Feist, "Homage" will make you step out of your shoes, lay down and let your imagination run free. The soothing acoustic track is part of Mexican labels' Arts and Crafts collaborative project called X. In case you haven't heard them, they work with notorious artists such as Mogwai, Beach House, City & Colour, Broken Social Scene, Los Compesinos! - the list goes on and on!

Back to "Homage" - very sedative beginning where both vocals are introduced after each other until the track reaches peak and with the kick of the bass drum both Kirk and Leslie' singing abilities really clash in together. That's the kind of folk/acoustic music which perfectly tones down the week's busiest moods and creates a chilled Sunday. Enjoy!

posted by Ivo
September 2013