It's been 4 years since I featured Fejká, but he has been anything but quiet. After the release of his debut album Twilight in 2017, the German producer released Reunion in 2019 where he absolutely blew up with "Svanur" which is about to score 10M plays on Spotify alone!

"Unfold" is a track that Brian dropped via Christian Löffler's Ki Records and it absolutely blew my head off with the perfect balance between ambient, downtempo, and techno elements he put together. The track feels like the kind of thing to play while standing on the edge of a cliff somewhere in Iceland, or something.

He shares, "I think it’s important to always try out new sounds to keep the creative flow in my head alive. It feels satisfying to release something different and new because it helps me shape my music taste to an open-minded but still focused sound".

posted by Ivo
July 2021